Download the Source

Most users of the source code probably don't need to have day to day access to the source code as it changes. For these users we provide easy to unpack source code downloads via the SourceForge release system.

Access the Source Tree (AnonCVS)

So, you've decided that you need access to the source tree to see the latest and greatest code. There's two different forms of CVS access. The first is anonymous and anybody can use it. The second is not and you must have a login to the development server. If you don't know what this means, contact the project admin and find out.

Anyone can checkout source code from our anonymous CVS server. To do so, simply use the following commands (if you are using a GUI CVS client, configure it appropriately):

cvs login 
password: anonymous
cvs checkout beanfactory 

Browse CVS via CVSWeb

You can browse the BeanFactory CVS repository via CVSWeb.

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