Introducing the BeanFactory

BeanFactory is a container for JavaBean components that allows beans to be deployed as named resources. By providing a mechanism for managing the lifecycle of JavaBean components, it encourages the use of modular and extensible component object models. When used in conjunction with a J2EE environment, BeanFactory provides a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework for building web applications using component-oriented building blocks.

Design Objectives

These are some of the design features:

Component Oriented BeanFactory leverages the JavaBean component model. It encourages reuse at the component level as well as the class level.

Unobtrusive BeanFactory was designed to be simple and easy to use from the developer's perspective. It does not impose any particular set of classes or interfaces.

J2EE Compatible BeanFactory is designed to work in a J2EE environment.

Leverage Open Source Software Wherever possible, BeanFactory leverages existing high-quality open source projects.

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